What’s a Cheap Plasma Cutter?


While searching for a cheap plasma cutter that suits your business or hobby interest you’ll obviously run across a wide array of companies, prices and options. Just because its cheap doesn’t mean it won’t work well. It just takes some time to research. You will find a plasma cutter ideal for the typical weekend hobbyist, much cheaper, and a distinct line of cutters between 50 and 100 amps at a reasonable price.

It is important to note high quality plasma cutting systems will have fully welded, heavy-duty, solid “unitized” construction. This means they offer stable and solid platform enabling repeatable and accurate plasma cutting.  On the other hand cheap plasma cutters will cost you later and more than you think in many cases.  I unfortunately would not recommend a plasma from companies like IEHK Enterprises out of Hong Kong.   Issues abound from start to finish typically.  You can check out a thread here as confirmation.   The old addage is, “If it sounds too good to be true – it probably.  This is very true with buying plasma direct from many China suppliers out there.”   Check out this buying experience: http://weldingweb.com/showthread.php?37885-Chinese-plasma-cutter-problem.

“If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.  This is very true with buying a plasma direct from many China suppliers out there.”

Cheap plasma cutter companies and manufacturers will offer a vast industrial plasma selection of cutting machines especially over seas. Quality overseas especially Chinese imports have greatly improved quality as in the past decade they have had to stay competitive to remain in the industry.  But, without any US company to intervene to maintain a consistent standard there’s no recommendation here to buy direct.  FDA can step in and not only confiscate a suppliers export for all types of reasons they can also fine the importer (you) and black list you should you import again.  It’s not worth the risk.  See BBB reviews here.

Plasma cutters are constructed and designed to withstand vast usage in construction and rugged industrial environments. Also, these affordable cutting and welding tools are perfect for those who would like to use them in home projects. Using a 50A 110/220vac dual voltage digital inverter 50A plasma cutter, a portable tool, is affordable than oxyacetylene once a number of finished cuts have been made. Such a cutter requires less cleaning and minimal maintenance while releasing limited noxious gases nor is it a fire hazard, yet leads to a cleaner and better cut.

cheap plasma cutter

An affordable cheap plasma cutter has a torch trigger easily geared for custom fitting relative to your personal thumb and finger positions. The torch head has a low kind of profile ideal for use in tight spaces. For high frequency types of DC plasma cutters, they cut some of the thickest materials than the typical DC plasma cutter. Choosing the higher frequency one might be a little expensive but cuts much faster and produces less distortion in the overall work.

The Plasma cutter is intended and created to cut metals like aluminum and stainless steel. The tools make the most of the most top-notch techniques in cutting metals accurately as might be required. Using such tools, heavy and tough metals are easily sliced in an effortless way in the shortest period of time.

The main thing when it comes to cheap plasma cutter is the variety of models provided to suit the needs of different individuals. For instance the typical home hobbyist looking for a tool to fabricate parts leisurely over the weekend needs an affordable tool. A serious and busy fabrication shop looking will look a heavy duty plasma cutter to use every day in heavy industrial applications requiring 80amp power or perhaps 100amp 3 phase plasma cutter.

Greater cutting needs might not be furnished wholly by a cheap plasma cutter. In some cases, a plasma cutter low in cost might not offer a quality cut or a long service over a period of time. Always make sure the cutter does not only work as advertised but lasts for a longer time as promised under heavy production workloads.

In case of a CNC type plasma cutter, the body and parts should guarantee years of continued and quality service towards maximizing return on your investment. Always choose a cutting system with well built, open market components in terms of quality and built to offer tough and yet stable cutting performance.  As an alternative metal cutting solution check out fiber laser cutters as well:   https://www.bosslaser.com/boss-dne-1530.html

What Can A Plasma Cutter Do?


What You Can Do With a Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for the best way to cut any solid object cleanly into a pre-programmed shape, a CNC plasma cutter is tough to beat.  I get questions about my work so for those who are in the industry I’m going to apologize for starting with the basics.  But,  I promised friends this site would help them with all things Plasma Cuttin’…

CNC stands for computer numerical control, and was first introduced to laser machines in the late 1980’s. This high tech laser cutting machine is the ultimate solution to your lettering and signage requirements. You can also use a plasma cutter machine to create various kinds of art, ornamental metal objects, HVAC ductwork, geometric shapes, and all kinds of other tools and industrial materials that need to be cut and shaped in a specific, careful way in order to perform correctly.

Cheap Plasma Cutter
Although you can get a cheap plasma cutter online, the question is, should you? Plasma cutting machines need to be very well constructed, and ensuring that you get a sturdy table for precision cutting is important. Additionally, the CNC plasma cutter options should utilize the best software options that give you the most flexibility and features so you can get the most out of your plasma cutter machine, no matter what you want to create. If you do however, need to find a cheap plasma cutter, the best places to look are online computer and laser engraving or cutting stores, where second hand units in excellent condition are listed by companies who tend to get the latest models as soon as they come out.

Plasma Cutter Machine
There are various kinds of machines that you can choose from that come in different sizes, including portable ones, and are used for different industries. Some come with air compressors and some use gas to create the plasma, by way of an electrical current. Sometimes with high frequency, low voltage machines, the spark created is large enough to ionize the air around, avoiding the need for direct contact. This plasma is hot enough to melt the metal or other materials being cut to form the exact shapes that you want. The best plasma cutter machine comes with other accessories including laser cross hairs, air pollution control systems, and water tables among other things.

Laser Cutting Machine
With a laser machine like those for sale at http://BossLaser.com you’ll have the ability to design on your computer screen and then laser cut or engrave on practically any material or any item you want, whether its kid’s toys, vehicle parts, HVAC system parts, and various other products and tools. Aside from the CNC plasma cutter machines, other laser cutter machines that you can use include those that are CO2 powered, where a current is passed through a mixture of gasses which is DC excited, or by using a radio frequency, which is more popular nowadays. Neodymium (Nd) lasers are used mostly for boring where a low repetition but high energy is needed. Neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Nd-YAG) lasers are normally used for cutting metals and ceramics.

CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale
If you are looking for a CNC plasma cutter for sale, along with the second hand ones you can find online, there are various types and options that you can buy from specialist stores. The best CNC plasma cutter for sale is one that is affordable, strong, and offers the best possible features and functions. When you purchase your plasma cutter, make sure that you get a good guarantee with it, and always check if any accessories come with it. Also, with a CNC plasma cutter, make sure you learn about the various software programs that are included, and perhaps test out a few of them to see which ones you prefer using the most. You need to be comfortable with the program you will be using, whether you run a factory making automotive parts, or whether you are a small commercial signage manufacturer. Value for money is the most important thing you are looking for in any machine, but especially when it comes to a high powered, sensitive, precision cutting machine like a CNC plasma one.
So, now that you know more about what a CNC plasma cutter can do and what you can use it for, you can be sure to get the ideal type and size machine depending on what you need to use it for. With the best machine you can create the best items for your business, or produce the most stunning works of art.




Plasma cutting machines are high precision instruments that are used to cut through ferrous and non ferrous metals with a very particular accuracy. Cutting of stainless steel and aluminum for instance requires advanced machinery to get the appropriate accuracy in both length and thickness. Plasma cutting machines are effective in providing this precision and accuracy in cutting metals of varied thickness in the range of 150mm. the use of these machines ensures this is done with both accuracy and speed.

plasma cutting machines

Mechanized cutting on CNC tables as well as straight dross free cuts are enabled by this technology depending on the particular instrument or machine chosen. Plasma cutters range from heavy industrial ones to light portable cutters that can be moved according to need, this ensures a lot of flexibility and specialization in their use. The lighter portable ones are easy to use whereas the heavy industrial cutters have more specialized control mechanisms that ensure the pierce height and cut height are appropriate before moving.

How it works

Plasma cutting is done by use of what is known as a plasma torch. The process employed here is that a highly pressurized noble gas is blown out through a nozzle while ionized air around the surface being cut forms an electrical arc which turns the gas into hot plasma. This hot plasma melts the metal surface while blowing away the molten metal from the incision fast enough to make an accurate cut without blemish. The plasma torch does not get into contact with the metal making it appropriate for computer controlled cutting besides preventing shield damage. A high intensity spark is initialized by a high voltage circuit in the torch body to generate plasma gas.
Plasma is an appropriate means of cutting both thick and thin metals with the handheld torches cutting to an extent of 50mm wile computer controlled ones go up to 150mm of stainless steel. This is enabled by orientation and speed controlled cutting enabling it to cut in different angles and curves allowing for complex welding seams that would be very difficult or otherwise impossible.

Manufacturers of plasma cutters take into consideration specialized needs of its various users to create customized products for their customers. These designs may incorporate several accessories such as plasma cutters, engravers, routers and many other tools to deliver high precision and repeatability.

Product specifications
Some of the common features of most plasma cutters include:

· Power connection technology – this enables automatic adjusting of input voltage ranging from 200 to 600volts which can be done in one or three phases. It also maintains a stable and constant power output throughout the input adjustment
· Continuous output control – which focuses the arc depending on the material thickness
· Touch start system which enables plasma arc initiation
· Computer numeric control(CNC) – which sets up a fast, and reliable cutting mechanism with the torch
· Engine drive compatibility – this is useful for portable plasma cutters which enables you to power the cutter in remote locations using alternative energy sources such as generators.
· Rapid arc re-strike – which enable faster cutting through expanded metal and gaps.
· Front panel purge control – this feature allows for control of the rate of air flow without initializing the plasma arc.

Apart from the effective design features plasma cutters are adapted with long consumable life enabled by the nozzle designs that make it cost effective to use. Plasma torches are also in-built with systems that detect correct installation of the relevant parts as a safety measure. The portable cutters are lightweight to allow for easy mobility. The more bulky plasma cutters are compatible with several other CAD software suites also allowing for own customization or file importation from other CAD programs. Most table top platforms can be set up in any shop due to their minimal weight and small footprint. For the more intricate plasma gouging which is also a form of plasma cutting, additional safety gear may be provided to shield the user from the sparks produced during weld removal.

The price ranges for different plasma cutters vary according to design and specific manufacturers. The more basic plasma cutters with a machine torch goes for about 2000 to 4000 dollars whereas the larger industrial cutters could go for over 35000 dollars. Other plasma cutters with CNC prototyping system and table top could go for about 7500 dollars. With this varied range of prices one would need specific features in mind to do an online search for an appropriately priced cutter.